Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Past

The tricycle Christmas in 1976.  My sisters and families both came to spend Christmas with us.  We finally got all the kids to bed on Christmas Eve and then it was time to start assembling the toys for Christmas morning.  The guys went to work on a tricycle, a rocking horse, a wagon and an electronic football game, which turned out to be more of a distraction for the adults than a toy for the kids.

I should also mention that the tricycle came with a couple hundred pieces.  There were no safety warnings back then.  This is the "five stitches in the forehead" tricycle.  There was a reason we called him Crazy Dave.

 The toy for the kids.


Rascal got his BB gun along with the usual mom warnings like, "be careful or you'll shoot your eye out!"  

I think it was about 2:00 a.m. before the guys had all of the Santa toys assembled and under the tree.  It was a wonderful time. 

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Julie said...

Crazy Dave had his second tri-cycle Christmas! No stitches yet...we'll keep you posted :)