Sunday, September 28, 2014

The most beautiful sunset of the decade.

Last night it looked like we were going to have a nice sunset so Retired Mountain Man and I took a walk over to Neil and Ann's so that I could take a photo of the lake.   Thompson and Maggie led the way. 

I couldn't resist a taking a few photos of Ann's dahlias.  This one looks like an April Dawn.

I think this might be an Evelyn Foster?

Wildwood Glory is going to be a real showstopper.

We walked back and the sunset still had a nice glow so I kept taking photos.

I love the light reflected on the leaves.

It just got better and better.....

Bright Gold!

And now for the pink.....

I can't stop taking photos of it.....

It couldn't possibly get better, could it?

OK then.  Now you know why I'm never leaving this place.

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Kristine Rolofson said...

Gorgeous! I tried, but couldn't capture the colors. Your pics are incredible.