Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's National Pepper Day on the mountain.

One last photo of the garden this morning before I start taking it out.  Today is the day to take out all of the cornstalks, broccoli plants, peppers, frosted green bean vines and till up the vegetable garden.  I am leaving my tomatoes for a few more days but it's almost time to bring them indoors to finish ripening.  Another frost and cold temperatures will show up soon.

Yesterday was Pepper Day!  These are Sweet Banana Peppers that I am trying to prepare to taste similar to a Pepperoncini.  I decided that the addition of a 1/2 t. of chili powder to each jar might do it.  We will find out in a month or so.

I also put up a few jars of Jalapeno Peppers.  They are nice to have on hand when you need to add a little heat to a dish.

Mandolin Ellie brought me beautiful bouquet from her garden.  It is so cheery on my table.

On Sunday at band practice we celebrated Neil's birthday.  He wasn't able to be there, but that never stops the band members from a celebration.  It is a General Robert E. Lee birthday cake.  I don't attempt baking many 3 layer cakes, but this one turned out good.  The lemon curd filling was yummy.

Thompson and Maggie each in their "toy heaven" spot.  They really do want someone to throw that ball, but it's a little rowdy attempting to throw the ball in the house instead of outside in the yard.

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