Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On the lookout for Sasquatch

We have our first freeze warning for 2014.  That means it's time to get the peppers picked.  Yesterday I picked the first row and I am trying to harvest the rest of the onions, carrots and beets.  

The first row filled two 5-gallon buckets and one two and a half gallon bucket.  My goal for today is to get these in the freezer and then to pick the next row before frost hits us.  

The two dogs, Maggie and Mackie, look like they are guarding my harvest but actually it's a game of who is in charge here?  They spent their entire time together running around the yard at breakneck speed.

Jalapenos and some sweet yellow bell peppers

Anchos and Sweet Banana Peppers

There were so many that I had to spread them out on the counter, in the bay window and on my dining table.There's going to be lots of salsa this year!
and more of the same

It is also possible that the two dogs were on the lookout for the Sasquatch? He has been sighted here more than once.

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