Sunday, September 21, 2014

Clark Fork 8 Man Football - there's nothing like it.

We haven't been to a Clark Fork football game in about 25 years, but we really wanted to watch Jens play so we put on our long underwear, got the winter gloves and coats out of the closet and we were off to the game.   There just happened to be a beautiful sunset to photograph on the way.

 Number 12.  That's who we want to see!

The sunset wasn't too bad from this view either.

There is now a very nice field and a track, bleachers on both sides of the field, a concession stand along with locker rooms, restrooms, etc.  There's even a booth for the announcers and the press......

The Selkirk Team had a LOT of very big players.  It was a bit more than Clark Fork could handle.

I almost forgot to mention, there's also a scoreboard.

One item we neglected to bring was a cushion for the bleacher seats.  They were very cold.

Jens played on every down and never left the field except at halftime.  Clark Fork did not win, but they played a great game against all of those big guys.  

It was a perfect night to go to a football game.

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