Friday, December 7, 2012

Mark's Day

The hunting season for elk has ended here in Idaho, but deer hunting was open until Dec. 1st.  Retired Mountain Man's game camera took some interesting photos towards the end of the season.  This blurry photo is of our friend Mark (Coronet Man) headed for a spot to just sit and wait for a deer to walk up the trail.

He's headed for a spot to the left in the photo.  It's about thirty yards up the trail.  Ten minutes later......

This bull elk and two cows walk up the trail.

Remember, elk season is over.  The camera did not catch a photo of the cow elk.  Mark is sitting just below the trail, patiently waiting for a deer.

Ho-hum, more elk.

Note the time.

Oh no!  This herd spotted Mark.  Back they come, running across the road.

Could there be more?  Where the heck are the deer?  It's deer season.

 It turns out there was a deer who walked up from another direction.  Mark was successful.  Here he is walking down to the creek, which is at the bottom of the photo, to wash his hands after he had dressed out the deer.

Mark says, "Yeah, I got one".

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