Sunday, December 2, 2012

This is going to cost Retired Mountain Man a LOT of money!

He loves it when I find a new hobby!  I already have several projects going right now that are keeping me busy.  The wine carboys have been moved to the bay window and are snuggled up in their blankies.  I started some white narcissus in hopes that they will be in bloom by Christmas.  I have also decided that it was time to start some lettuce and the Red Robin Tomatoes.

Wine carboys, Narcissus, tomatoes and lettuce

Throw in practicing the guitar and piano and going to lessons and weight training class and I seem to be busy.  Plus, the band has a gig!  It's also time to get out the Christmas decorations, or maybe you have already done that.

Have you put up your tree?  Lights outside? I have barely started and it is December.  I hate that Christmas "hurry up and get it done" rush!  I am already feeling the stress which makes me want to not do anything! 

OK, so back to just what is it that is going to cost Retired Mountain Man a lot of money.  Yesterday, Ann, Linda and I were invited by Ellie, to attend a watercolor painting class.  The instructor was a neighbor, Kathy, who is a very talented artist who has created many beautiful paintings and sketches.  We spent the day at her dining room table looking out at the view above the lake as she demonstrated each step to create a watercolor painting.

The only time that I have ever tried to paint with watercolors was back when I was in the 5th grade and yes, that was a long time ago.  I still have the painting.  It was sent to the fair but darn it, did not win any awards.

Grade 5 work of art

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and loved trying to paint although it was very intense to me.  It did not come easy.  I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of each step in the process.  Kathy was very patient and calm throughout the session.  We had lunch, drank tea and coffee, ate pastries and ended the afternoon with a glass of wine and a finished product.  I wish I had taken my camera, but of course, I did not.

I was very surprised that my painting actually looked like a piece of art.  We all painted the same photograph.  Each painting had a different interpretation and all of them were very nice!  It was so much fun!

My 2nd watercolor

Kathy has invited us back for another session and I promise I will take some photos of the process.

Now, let's see.....I will need: brushes, watercolor canvass, watercolors, masking liquid, masking tape, a watercolor board, suitable erasers, pencils, black ink pens, an apron or smock...........


Julie said...

AWESOME! I see a gallery showing in your future! I hope you can share your tips with me!

DJB said...

That is a fantastic painting Mom!!! I can't believe you were able to do that on your very first try! I see a studio addition to the house in your future! Imagine what fun it would be to paint out on your deck on a warm summer morning! I am so proud of you and I really hope you keep after it! :)

isthereanymorepie said...

It's gorgeous!!!!!