Thursday, December 6, 2012

Canada anyone?

This is my Santa hat.  I am supposed to wear it at the upcoming band gig.  I'm not really positive that is going to happen as I look dorky in hats.  Something similar to Mr. Contrary.  I think I have passed on the dorkiness trait to my grandchildren, at least that one for sure. 

There are many days when I dress myself and I look just like Mr. Contrary.  Pretty scary, huh?


The good news is that we finally have some snow on the ground!  How can you get in the Christmas spirit without snow? 

Yes, in addition to being quite contrary, I am one of those people who has to have snow at Christmas time.  If this global warming thing keeps getting worse, I may have to move farther north.  I say this now so that Retired Mountain Man has plenty of time to get that thought in his head.


Julie said...

Hooray! White stuff! It is a big job getting the sled run ready for your Christmas/New Years Eve sledding teams! It certainly would be harder if you have no white stuff to work with ;)

isthereanymorepie said...

I think you're going to look cute in that hat!