Thursday, December 20, 2012

The annual Christmas Tree event on Cougar Creek Road.

This is the one.

 Retired Mountain Man picked out this tree several weeks ago and then flagged it so that we would be able to find it again.   Good thinking.  We put on our snow shoes for the first time this year and we set out to get the Burkhart Christmas Tree 2012.  There is something special about this event.  There is nothing like hiking around in the woods trying to pick out your tree.  Cutting it down (without getting a pile of snow on top of your head or down your neck) and then dragging it back to the house.

 RMM cutting down the tree and then we're off!

 There's only one black and white dog with us this year.  Last year Mollie was still with us.  I miss her.  Maggie supervised the entire operation.

We measured, put on the tree stand and got it in the house to drip-dry on a tarp.  Then it was time to decorate.   There are still some decorating adjustments that need to be made, but it will do for today.  Retired Mountain Man did a great job picking out this tree.  It was a perfect fit for the corner in the living room.

Feliz Navidad!


isthereanymorepie said...

What a gorgeous tree!!! Bring on the Christmas carols!!!

Julie said...

Beautiful! Great selection! Great decorating! I am looking forward to spiking my cocoa and sitting by that glow with ya :)

DJB said...

That's a beautiful tree! I can't wait to come see it!