Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Euchre anyone?

Happy Un-Thanksgiving!

We had a great time and enjoyed visiting and playing games with all of the kids.   

JP taught us all how to play a new card game called Euchre. Well, at least it was new to us.  There was a lot of squabbling, whining, complaining and bickering, but we all learned how to play it AND we played it every day, I mean to say every afternoon and every night.  We played four-handed, six-handed, three-handed and two-handed before it was over.

Miss Rylee, the crafter, gave each of us a Christmas ornament.   Some chose to display their ornament immediately.

Dave worked very hard hunting for three days over in Montana in the cold pouring rain. (I think we had about 4 inches of rain in three days)   We were all very happy to spend part of the day Friday processing burger and now everyone has some meat in the freezer.

These two spent a lot of time on the computer in their hide-a-way downstairs.

This was one of the quiet moments for Ben, a.k.a. Awesome Man, the Super Hero.  Awesome Man rarely sleeps or slows down his pace.  In an instant his blue blankie becomes a Super Hero cape and he is off to save the world from the Flaming Eyeball or other horrific monsters. 

Ben saving up his positrons.
Grandma needed to recharge her positrons after it was all over, but now I am ready to head full force into the Christmas season.  Sha-bam! (That was a positron) 



Julie said...

Sha-bam! Awesome post! Thanks again for everything!

Julie said...

Thank you, Rylee, for reminding me that your Uncle Dave wants earrings for Christmas! I was looking for gift ideas ;)