Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ben and Buddy's Best Halloween Ever!

Who is Buddy and why was it the best Halloween ever?  The answer to that question in a moment.

First, I want to tell you about my trip to Missoula. 

Now that the canning and freezing veggie frenzy is over, I had time to make a quick trip to Montana.  It was a very enjoyable trip as I got to spend the day with my mom, Griz Eileen, and my sister, Kathy.  We went out to lunch and did a little shopping. We even stopped by the local music store to try out keyboards.  

OK, so on to the Ben and Buddy story.

On Halloween I went to the GSK party with the Hamilton Burkharts.  

Ben was refusing to wear a costume until we got to the parking lot at GSK. He really had no idea what all the Halloween fuss was about, but once he saw the other kids in costumes he decided that he would give it a try.    

 "Why is my mom dressed up like the Tooth Fairy and why is my dad the Cat in the Hat?"

This dad was really excited to see his Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Why do they keep asking me to say "trick or treat"?  

What's with all the costumes?

Why are there scary skeletons and goblins?  Ben wasn't going for any of the scary stuff.  We had to retreat back to the reception area after he saw a very scary goblin and the boiling cauldron with the candy inside.

We circled back around to the cafeteria where they had pizza, cookies and cupcakes.  He met up with a friend there and decided that maybe this Halloween thing was OK.

We left GSK and drove to downtown Hamilton to go door-to-door.  The first stop was the Hamilton Fire Station.

We had an encounter with another "Isty Bitsy Spider".

This is where Buddy comes into the story.

The Cluffs have a very cute, small, white poodle named Buddy.   

Buddy was excited to see Ben until......

He spotted the chickens running loose in the yard across the street.  Yes, it's in the middle of town.  Why would anyone have chickens running loose in their yard in the middle of town?  Buddy was off like a shot!


There was mayhem in the street!  A lot of barking and "bock, bock, brock, brock, bock, bock," as the chickens scrambled around to get away.

The owner came out of his house with a pellet gun!  No way!  He's really going to shoot at a little poodle?  

Put your chickens in a pen, guy!  Buddy is a tiny dog!

A very blurry photo of one of the chickens escaping across the street.

The teenage son ran off after Buddy and finally catches him before the neighbor can fire off his pellet gun. 

Buddy loved Halloween! It was so cool!  Dozens of kids knock on the door for treats and there's a chicken chasing event.

After all that excitement we drove to 4th street.  It was barricaded off for several blocks and everyone who wanted to participate, decorated their houses. They had to have at least a thousand pieces of candy to hand out at each house as there were hundreds of kids trick or treating up and down the street.  

Ben was constantly on the lookout for any goblins or skeletons.

Is there a scary witch up ahead?

This is a very cool house. 

I loved all the stripes!

It was a memorable night for both Ben and Buddy!
They are both already thinking about next year!  

What costume should Ben wear?

Will there be another chicken chasing event for Buddy?  

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Julie said...

It was so great to see you! Thanks for all of the great pictures too :)