Saturday, November 10, 2012

Water, water everywhere!

We added another member to the Disaster Response Team, Andy and his backhoe.  Only in Hope can you phone a neighbor with an emergency and he is here in fifteen minutes.  He made fast work of this part of the project.

Travis and Adam having "fun" in the mud.

The next morning we had fresh snow.

There are still a few water issues to be solved, but we are now back to normal. 

We discovered that loggers at the neighbors have built a road across the creek right above where our upper water system intake is located.  They have also dumped tree stumps near the valves to the holding tank.  Retired Mountain Man is going to deal with that issue on Monday. 

I am very glad to have water flowing from the faucets once again.  Thanks, Travis, Adam, Andy and Mike.

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Julie said...

OMG Connie! What a mess!I am so sorry you folks are having to deal with all of that! Thanks for the pictures... holy... cow!