Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Amore anyone?

Our Cougar Creek Band Sunday jam sessions are always fun.  They are not your typical jam session in that they end with dinner. When I say dinner, I don't mean just your usual "run of the mill" meal.

The Cougar Creek Band Menu 

 Corn and Flaxseed Tortillas 
 Cherries Jubilee with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Amore
Assorted Dark Chocolates
Evans Brother's Decaf Coffee 

Note: RTM complained a lot about the Corn and Flaxseed Tortillas, but they were delicious.

Penthouse Posole Photo: Robert McMahan / SF
From Wikipedia:
Pozole (Nahuatlpozolli [po'solːi]), which means "foamy"; variant spellings: pozolépozolliposole) is a traditional pre-Columbian stew from Mexico, which once had ritual significance.  Since corn was a sacred plant for the Aztecs and other inhabitants of Mesoamerica, pozole was made to be consumed on special occasions. On these special occasions, the meat used in the pozole was human.   After the Spanish conquest, when cannibalism was banned, pork became the staple meat as it "tasted very similar", according to a Spanish priest.

Hmmm.   I'm not sure I really needed to know that.  

Ann's Posole was delicious.  This is all that was left.

The dessert, Cherries Jubilee!

Cherries Jubilee is not just a dessert, it's an event.  I didn't realize this was going to be an action photo.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  Cherries Jubilee is made with dark cherries and a liqueur, Kirschwasser, which is subsequently flambéed, and served as a sauce with ice cream.

Neil torches the cherries!

We followed the dessert with a kicker.  Julie and Ann are working on converting me to a lover of VERY dark chocolate so that I can join their ranks.  In order to begin the conversion, Julie brought an assortment of dark chocolate and we all participated in a "scientific study". We began with a 54% chocolate and worked our way up to 72%.  So far, I am still back at 55%, but there is hope.  We have enough chocolate left for tastings at the next 8 or 10 band sessions.

We had to have something to cleanse our palate as we tasted each chocolate.  Chocolate Wine anyone?

Needless to say, our wine connoisseur, Neil, was pretty skeptical about the Chocolate Wine.

Notice the smile on the wine connoisseur's face.

I would say the tasting was a success!  It was a very enjoyable evening.  Drinking good wine, with good food, in good company! 

P.S.  I have to say that it didn't end here.  The group proceeded to taste Retired Mountain Man's assortment of Halloween candy, Baby Ruth Bars, Butterfingers, Almond Joy Bars and finally, Paydays. Who knows what we will have on the menu next week.  It will be hard to top this, but I think the group can do it.


Julie said...

Jealous! Happy for you all, but jealous :)

isthereanymorepie said...

I have Chocolate Envy now. Who ever heard of chocolate wine??? You all looks happy, so it must have been a great tasting experience.