Sunday, October 7, 2012

The cream of the grape crop and the last of the green tomatoes.

Yesterday Retired Mountain Man and I picked most of the grapes that are ripe. After finishing that task, I spent a couple of hours picking the last bed of tomatoes and taking all the vines to the compost pile.

I had planned to pull all of the carrots but gave up after digging the potatoes and the last of the onions.  The final carrot harvest will have to be another day.  

There are tomatoes everywhere.  On shelves in the basement, in the pantry and in front of the bay window.    I am down to my last jar of Green Tomato Chutney so I need to get with it.

Retired Mountain Man found some fresh Lobster Mushrooms on his walk today.  Enough to fill the dehydrator with sliced mushrooms.  It was a busy day.


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How many green tomatoes do you need to make a jar of chutney? p.s. i'm saving my peach wine for when i finish the ms. this weekend. can't wait!