Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Perfect Storm Here.

It's a cold and rainy Saturday morning.  There is nothing to do but have a cup of coffee and browse the Internet OR could there be something else to do?  Maybe.

Maggie says it's too wet outside.  This is a photo of a dog who just had her bath and was clean.  That lasted for about six hours.  She went outside, dug up a bone and was once again, covered with dirt.

It is definitely too wet out there to go hunt for these.  Retired Mountain Man's entire haul from his last foray through the woods to his game camera.

Oyster Mushrooms

Yesterday I canned more salsa and some jalapeno peppers.  What's left to do?   Grape jelly for my grandkids, maybe some pepper jelly, another batch of salsa?

Nah!  Not today.  I did enough of that yesterday.

Earlier in the morning, the Mandolin Gals and I practiced for two hours.  We are working on a new song, "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate".    We tore that song apart, changed the key, the lyrics, the harmony, to suit us.  We were so proud of ourselves!

We really liked this version until we heard from our drummer that some years ago Madeleine had performed at the Festival of Sandpoint.  It didn't go well for her.  It seems she was very unhappy that the crowd did not devote their attention to her (they were up and about, buying food and drink and visiting) and there were, horrors..........BUGS!  She apparently made many comments about this to her audience.  Evidently no one had told her that the gig was an outdoor festival.

There's a good chance that this might be the Perfect Day to rewrite this song for the band.  There are no bugs and Retired Mountain Man will be watching football and browsing the Internet.

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Julie said...

Oh, look at those sad, lonely little Oyster Mushrooms :(