Saturday, August 4, 2012

Retired Mountain Man attends Festival at Sandpoint!

Yes, indeed.  Retired Mountain Man agreed to go hear Allison Kraus and the Union Station.  It was a true adventure for him.   The line to enter the festival snaked around the entire park at Memorial Field.  It was unbelievably long.  Its hard to picture 3500 people lined up, holding their lawn chairs, coolers, blankets and cushions, patiently and politely waiting for the one gate to open.   At least there was shade in the park during the wait. 

Retired Mountain Man and Mr. Dylan were quite proud of themselves as they managed to walk their way into the musician's warm-up tent.  The only person in the tent was "some girl" putting rosin on her fiddle bow.  They said she had a really bushy hairstyle, but didn't know who she was.  Then the security guard caught up with them and said they had to leave.  Hmmm.  Next thing you know they are back with us sitting in their chairs and lo and behold, the girl with the really bushy hair came out on the stage with the Union Station. 
The guy who was trying to get thrown out of the concert.

Chatting with the Wims during the intermission

Yes, we were having a really good time.


The concert was worth the wait as the entertainers lived up to their reputation.  Their singing and their playing was so good it almost sounded like we were listening to the CD.  Amazing talent. 

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Julie said...

Awesome! So fun! Trying to re-live the highlights ...
Glad for the pictures! Great pic of Jon!
Thanks again, a million times, for the wonderful weekend!
Love You!