Thursday, August 16, 2012

Damage Control and other stuff.

We had a big wind storm two nights ago with wind gusts so strong that it blew my flower pots off the deck.   This flower pot landed on top of the one below.

And this one blew off the deck and was on the ground and out of the pot!  Dang it!  Actually, that is not what I said.  I said, "!@#-&*   and    !@#$%&    and #$%!!"   I mumbled a lot.

The wind also blew over some of my corn,
a zucchini plant,

So, yesterday became damage control day.  Meanwhile, Retired Mountain Man and Neil were managing the driveway project. 

TiVar laid out to keep the gravel from disappearing in the mud.

 Mike Conn delivered two loads of gravel.  We will finally have a chuck-hole free driveway.

The first load gets dumped.

 Fortunately, Neil has a tractor.  Otherwise it would be shovel time.  Even at that, there was still a lot of shoveling and raking to do.

We're almost finished.  We need another half load today and then they work on Neil's driveway.

I almost forgot, the pre-Oyster Party cooking.  It is imperative that we start out slowly, whetting our appetites for fresh Pacific Coast oysters.  First on the menu is Fried Pheasant. Thanks to my baby brother, Roy.  Served with wild rice and wild mushroom sauce (Chanterelle, Morel and Coral Mushrooms).  Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the sauce.

Next, a lasagna with a meat sauce of elk burger and roasted tomatoes from last year's garden.  (I am cleaning out my freezer)

This is my first try at this recipe - an Apple-Raspberry Fruit Cake.  The recipe is in my new version of the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  It is a keeper and yes, I will post the recipe on a day when I have more time. It is similar to a cobbler, but has a cake layer on the bottom.

This morning I am roasting a turkey and getting ready to make a Huckleberry Cobbler. 
Party!  Party!  Party!

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Julie said...

Holy Moly!!! We are ready to PAR-TAY!!!