Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Game Camera Photos

I haven't been posting as often as I usually do.  I have a lot of excuses.  Getting ready for the Oyster Party, working in the garden, recovering from the Oyster Party and the one big excuse, Retired Mountain Man's computer went to computer heaven.  I am "sharing" my computer with him.   Which means that he is using my computer the majority of the day and evening.

Yes, the party was a blast! The oysters and clams were delicious and all of the many potluck dishes were very tasty!  I don't think anyone went away hungry.  The Cougar Creek Band had a blast playing some tunes for the crowd and the kids love the Obstacle Course Race so much that they played it three times.

Anyway, I will get back to the game camera photos.

 What the?

 What is that?  Bigfoot?

NO!  It couldn't be?  

Retired Mountain Man was positive that the person in that gorilla costume was none other than Adam Long.  He harassed Adam about it during the entire party.  Towards the end of the party during the sing-a-long, the gorilla showed up on our deck.  It was dark by then and some who saw him in the window thought it was a black bear at first.

The gorilla comes through the door and chaos and panic begins!

He turned out to be friendly but to the 4-year-old and under crowd he was pretty frightening.  They needed a lot of reassurance from mom and dad that he wasn't a real gorilla.

 We finally had him take off his hood to convince them.  Holy Moly!  The gorilla turned out to be.......David!

The birthday guy gets a gorilla hug.

Everyone wants to get a photo op with the gorilla.

Did you get a gorilla hug today?

There are more bigfoot photos on Julie's blog:

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