Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Load up the kids and bring your guitar. It's family reunion time.

Pack up your bags.  We're goin' to the family reunion in Montana.  Retired Mountain Man and I packed up 2 guitars, 2 amplifiers, a keyboard and stand, one large folding table, 2 coolers, 3 suitcases and 2 lawn chairs in the back of the Outback and headed for the Bitterroot and the Reineke Family Reunion.

Mission Mountains

Grandpas and grandsons get to spend some time together.  You can see by the look on the little guys faces just how much they love their grandpas and getting the chance to hang out with them.

Grandpa Jon and Ben

Grandpa Ralph and Max

Meet Max.  He is a one-year old muscle man.

On their first meeting, Max spent the entire time pushing Ben in the car over some very rough terrain.  Never mind that there were hills and deep sand.  He pushed anyway.

Sometimes the grandpas filled in for each other.

Do you know the song "Your Cheatin' Heart?"

Grandpa Jon entertaining Alyssa with a song.

Great Grandma Eileen and Alyssa

Everyone gets a chance to hold the sweet baby.  There was a lot of storytelling and jokes.  We didn't get a chance to play any poker or pinochle though.

Of course there was a lot of music.  Playing and singing every night.

Remember the time when you wrecked my new car? pickup? landcruiser?
Did you really need to bring that up?
What about the time you set the bale of hay on fire in downtown Hamilton and were arrested for arson?

 How about the time you rain away from school to become a mountain man?

Arrested for???? in CDA, ID.

Waiting for the next meal to be served.  Ham, prime rib, elk burgers???   How about another cold one?

Who knows what happened in Iowa.  One good reason to live far away from the rest of the family.

 These people are all thinking of some wisecrack to say to the photographer.

 Geez, I was only telling them about the time you hit me in the head with the ..........

"No, you said we would host this event, not me"!  

We celebrate birthdays with cupcakes and huckleberry cheesecake.

Collin's 14th birthday.

Damion and Great Aunt Shirley

Huckleberry Cheesecake lovers

  The Nebraskans.

 It took 15 minutes and 30 shots to get a picture of this group.

 We add more people to the photo. 

Sept. 13th birthdays.

We ended the evening around the fire pit with Uncle Don playing the guitar singing his song, "There's a shadow over the heartland, there's a fire in the western sky....."  

Montana Sunset

See you all next year. 

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Julie said...

All right! Cool! Great photos, Connie! Great fun write up! Cheers everyone!