Monday, November 16, 2015

Almost fully recovered....

from a week long bout of some kind of crud.  I won't even pretend that I looked as good as the photo below.

As soon as I was well enough, Retired Mountain Man and I went to Sandpoint to get our flu shots.  The trips also included getting the snow tires on the car and getting having a major maintenance service on the Outback.  That would also mean a major hit to our wallet, but it's better than making car payments.   We realized that our car battery had never been replaced since we bought the car new in 2003 and we decided that we wouldn't push our luck and had the battery replaced.

We spent one more day moving the tables and chairs from the deck to the barn, rolling up hoses, digging up my begonia bulbs for storage and putting away pots.  We are finally ready for the snow to start falling.

Next on the list was to get last year's wine into the bottles.  Fifty bottles of "Fire on the Mountain Red Wine".

Our next project is in the works.  No, it will not be red or orange....

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