Thursday, November 19, 2015

A DIY person I am so not......

On Wednesday night the big wind storm hit.  It blew some of our metal roofing loose on the northeast corner of the house.  The winds were so strong that it was a pretty horrifying sound to say the least.  The loose metal roofing banging around in with every wind gust.

We were without electricity for 30 hours and Retired Mountain Man and I had gone to bed the following night and had given up hope of having power restored when we saw the lights from an Avista truck reflecting on the walls of the bedroom.  We knew they were checking to see if our fuses were still in place, which they were.  About 20 minutes later our electricity was restored.

All of this was happening as we were discussing whether to buy a portable generator to keep our freezers, refrigerator and the fan to our wood furnace going in a power outage.  I think we have decided to make a purchase.

Fortunately for us, our good friend Tim was scheduled to come by to install our two new toilets and he agreed that he would help us put the roofing back in place.  He did a great job of getting it all screwed back down and also worked the entire length of the roof and screwed down the rest of it.  It's not going to come loose in the next storm.

While he and RMM were working on that project, I was laying down the new tile in the basement bathroom.  It took me all day, but it's finally done.  Hooray!  One more project off of my list.

I'm glad we bought the quality tile even though it was more difficult to work with it should last a long time.  Jon says it looks perfect!

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