Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's pie baking, turkey roasting time......

.....which means that the morning after you have set your oven to clean, you do not want to see this when you open the oven door.

Oh no!  

The Kalispell Burkharts were here on the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving and since the oven element wouldn't arrive until Monday, I baked the turkey in a roaster. It actually turned out really moist and tender.   There was no time to bake the pies though, so for the first time ever, we had bakery pies for our dessert.  I think if you put enough ice cream or whipped cream on top of a piece of pie, it really doesn't matter whether it was homemade or not.

Fed Ex delivered the oven element yesterday and today Retired Mountain Man is going to get it installed. I am so fortunate that he is one of those "Guy - guys".  You know, the kind that can take a Q-tip and a pocket knife and go out into the wilderness and build you a shopping mall.

 Let the pie baking begin!  

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