Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Mean Green Bean Mother from Outer Space.....

My vegetables have been growing and growing and growing while I have been doing other things.  August has been action packed!   What is happening?

Our neighbors on the hill are tearing down their house to get ready to build a new one.  We have had several nasty wind storms with heavy rain and lost our electricity for many hours.  It's August and the weather is changing......

The view from where the band is setup at Trinity on Friday nights.  The last two Friday gigs have been cancelled due to the bad weather

On my way back from Montana and the Paul McCartney concert, I stopped to take some photos of the fire near Thompson Falls.   Yes, more about the mean green bean later.....

David and I went to hear Trombone Shorty at the Festival at Sandpoint.

Ann and I went to Trinity to listen to Mr. Bruce and Drew play.  Yes, they are really good at it.

The Oyster Party happened!  I think everyone had a very good time.  I did not have time to take any photos except this one of the kids.  I think we had about sixty people attend.  The food was incredible.  Barbecued ribs, Alaska salmon, lake trout on the barbie, clam chowder, fresh corn on the cob, oysters and clams......

It was definitely a feast of food and music.  The Cougar Creek Band played and we finished off the evening with our usual songfest.  The vocalists were awesome!

Yes, they can all sing The House of the Rising Sun.

I rescued my Begonia Beauty from the high winds.  I didn't realize how big it was until I set it in my bay window, which is about 8 feet wide.

Retired Mountain Man's April Dawn Dahlia is blooming it's heart out, as always.

The Cougar Creek Band has a gig on Thursday at the Hope Farmer's Market.

Retired Mountain Man and his sister both had birthdays and also Lester Bug.  Lyndsie Kay went off to college.

I have a new grand nephew, Chase Justin!   I also have a new niece in-law, Angie, and another grand nephew will be due to arrive soon.  Not to mention that my youngest grandson, Ben will be 5 in just a few days and one of my favorite brother-in-laws, Malcom, will be having another birthday before the end of August.


August isn't over yet.  My vegetables in the garden just keep on growing.  I think my green beans are on steroids.  I'm starting to be afraid to go out to my garden.

I am reminded of the plant in The Little Shop of Horrors.  Don't feed the plants!  I'm a mean green bean mother from outer space!

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