Thursday, August 7, 2014

She was just seventeen.....

and a very crazed Beatle fan.    Forty-eight years later I am finally going to my first rock concert, Paul McCartney's "Out There Tour" in Missoula, Montana.  Can you believe it?

The concert was sold out.  25,000 fans were trying to get to the event.

 And we are walking......
 from downtown Missoula.....

Our first look at the stage.

The very crazy people who climbed Mount Sentinal to watch the show for free.    It was 90 degrees.

He hits the stage!

Let It Be

The beginning of Live and Let Die and the pyrotechnic show.  On the front of the stage there were 10 foot flames shooting into the air.

I did not take video of it, but I found this online.   It was the same show.    Wait for the "Live and Let Die" refrain.  It's the best.  Enjoy.

This is my best shot of the flames.

How much of a Beatles fan was I?   At one point I painted a life-size mural of them on my bedroom wall.  My parents were not too happy about that.  I had every album they recorded.  On each of the Beatles birthdays, my two best friends and I would bake birthday cakes in the shape of guitars...  we also sent a message in a bottle down the Loup River.....

Now the only memorabilia I have left is this letter, from George Harrison's mother?

which also included this photo card.

She still loves you, Sir Paul.  Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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Julie said...

Awesome!! What cool keepsakes! You were/are totally part of the mania! Yeah, yeah, yeah!