Sunday, March 9, 2014

What will show up next?

 A towel?  Beads, moon pie, doubloon, a bra?  It will be a surprise.  

The cleanup crew for the parade route has been on duty full-time.   There was so much snow the night of our parade that as the snow slowly thaws, we are finding lots of leftover beads, moon pies and doubloons.  It was too cold for any bra throwing, but we do have a string of beads hanging on a branch of the vine maple by the driveway.  It's too high to reach so it will probably be there until next year unless the wind blows it down.

Hmmm.  It does kind of look like New Orleans.

After today's cleanup session we went for a walk up to get our newspapers.  The driveway is thawing out although we still need our yak tracs for the icy spots.

Cousin Adam stopped by to give us this beautiful planter that he carved out of a tree stump.  I can't wait to fill it with some of my hanging begonias.  

I started my peppers yesterday and Yes,  I did cut back.  I am only going to start 58 this year, which is ONE flat.  I now have geraniums, pansies, wave petunias, Red Robin tomatoes and begonias growing underneath my lights in the basement.  I have going to have to be careful or I will run out of room.

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