Monday, March 3, 2014

This was a snowy one.

It snowed all day and all night.

The brass guys had to thaw out their instruments on the hood of the truck.  The valves and slides were already frozen by the time they walked to the parade route.

Our 2014 Kind and Queen, Sus and Preston!  You will be able to see them in the next photo.

They are busy sorting out all of the throws.  Beads, moon pies, hats, doubloons.......

The paparazzi.

Lighting the flambeaus

Here we go!

The band and the second line are ready rock and roll.

They make they way along the parade route.

Then turn the corner and return.

The Grand Marshall and her awesome horse!

I am starting to get snowflakes on my lens, but I keep taking pictures anyway.

 The morning after.....even more snow.

Hmmm.  Time to get out the shovel and uncover some of those frozen moon pies.

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Julie said...

Got no time to get the winter blues, there!! What fun!! You are all crazy-amazing!! Yay, Krewe of Cougar Creek!!!