Friday, March 28, 2014

It's transplanting time and a special day for two people I love....

Here we go from small containers to the next size up.  

Assorted peppers that take three weeks to sprout

Red Robin Tomatoes are starting to blossom

Orbit Geraniums-this variety has extra-large blossoms

Wave Petunias getting ready to start waving.

Pansies by the dozen.

My new addition this year - hanging baskets of red begonias for my new porch.

We shall see if they turn out to be as pretty as this pink tuberous begonia from last year.

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to Dylan and Macy!  Even though they are both miles apart in age and where they live, they both have so much talent!  Miss Macy with her beautiful voice and Dylan playing his guitar.  I heard he now has a new instrument to pluck, a banjo!    Go Dylan!  Bluegrass was made for you.

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