Friday, December 6, 2013

Wind Chill Warning

Forecast for tonight - 0 - with wind chill values of -16.

We are in the deep freeze here as well as everyone else in the area.  Our emails now consist of what our low temperature was last night.  Wind chill, anyone?

The cold weather did not stop Mandolin Ann and I.  We just spent two days making Christmas wreaths and swags in our wood room in the basement.  

We made six wreathes, four swags and a centerpiece.  While we worked we drank a little hot chocolate, a little bit of wine, and of course, ate some dark chocolate.  The boughs made the entire basement smell like a Christmas tree. I love that smell.

I did finish the decorating on my front porch before the really cold weather blew in.

Photos will follow, but I am not going out there to take photos today.  The temperature is 14.4 and I don't know what the wind chill is, but it's brrrrr.

The wind chill warning for tomorrow night is -21.

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