Sunday, December 22, 2013

Do we have enough?

We don't have a lot of snow, but I think there's enough for the sled run on New Year's Eve.  

I spent yesterday doing my Christmas baking.  I play my favorite Christmas CD's all day long as I am baking and putting together my gifts.  I love it.  

My friend, Cynthia, made this beautiful Christmas card for us and Billy gave us some of his Plum Liqueur.  He has perfected the technique for making liqueurs.  It's the perfect drink for taking off a winter chill.  (It's not too bad to have a little nip of it while baking the goodies?)  

Today is my Christmas in Hope Crawl.

It begins by going to the Outskirts Marketplace Cafe in Hope to listen to our friend Bruce perform, then I move on to Neil and Ann's for their Christmas Open House. Last but not least, we will end the day with band practice here and our band Christmas dinner.   

Retired Mountain Man and I are very lucky.  We have just enough of everything we could ever want.  

Merry Christmas!

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