Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Faces!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving week with all of our kids and grandkids.  We are so lucky!  

There was just enough snow for a little more sledding.  

Retired Mountain Man always has a burn pile that needs to be torched on Thanksgiving.  They managed to scorch a couple of coat sleeves getting it started, but that's normal.

 Cousin Nolan came to visit Ben.  

And we're back outside on the sled run.

What happy faces!  It's just what Grandma's want to see.

The Turkey Day finally arrives.  Ben wants to know if the turkey is done?  

Rylee made the centerpiece for the table and then set it up.  She did a beautiful job.  The table looked lovely along with the pretty girl at the end of it.

Yes, the turkey is done Ben!  

Some people get in trouble for snitching pieces of turkey!

The college guy having a good time with his little brother.

Yes, we played Euchre, Poker and Shit on Your Neighbor.  We ate an enormous amount of good food everyday, got in a lot of visits with our morning coffee, and slept in every morning as long as we could.  The kids played games and watched movies.  The house was packed to brim with all the extra beds and cots set up and it was wonderful to get to spend the time together.  Yes, nerves were frayed every once in a while with all the changes to everyone's schedules, but it was worth it.

Retired Mountain Man and I are now back to our quiet, kind of boring, everyday life.

I am looking forward to New Year's Eve and the next family get together.  In the meantime I will be raising a glass of my  Blue's Gal drink (it matches the color of my carpet and everything else in my house) working on getting up my Christmas decorations.

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