Thursday, August 8, 2013


Our Porch Project is moving right along in spite of the rainy weather or the heat when its not raining.

Tim pulled all of the siding off the front so that he could set the two posts on the basement stem wall.
A very good idea.   Some of the siding came off easily and others, not so much.

 It took some doing but I think I finally have Retired Mountain Man convinced that we need to install a light and an outlet on the new porch.  No more extension cords for my Christmas lights or the barbeque!  Hooray!

It's not as if Retired Mountain Man didn't have the skills to install a light or an outlet.  He and his father, an electrician, installed the wiring and all of the electrical in our house.  RMM worked with his father many times and knows his stuff.   Maybe he likes extension cords?  Who knows?

The next step was sawing off the other two posts, which Tim did almost effortlessly.  Retired Mountain Man was also very good as the ladder stabilizer person.

The last step was using a hand saw.

 Ta - Da!

Today Tim will be installing the beams on top of the posts.  I will keep you posted.

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