Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the mountain there is no rest for the weary.

Travis was also here yesterday to cut down trees and skid timber for firewood this winter.  I missed the chance to take photos of RMM and Neil hooking logs up and down the mountainside.  

(RMM worked his way through college hooking logs for his Uncle Pete.  There are a lot more stories I could tell you about that.  Maybe later)

Maybe I will get another photo op next year.  

 I did get home in time to snap some photos of Trav skidding the logs in the field.  

 He cut down enough timber for both the Wims and us for next year.

This was a very tall tree.

Neil says that we will have enough firewood to keep us warm all winter.      I am not so sure of that.  

What about Thompson, the Firewood Dog?  

How much of our wood will be left in the stack by November?

Will we really have enough?

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