Friday, August 9, 2013

It's beam time! No, not Jim Beam.

 The nails in the photo above will hold the beams and posts in place.

The beams that Travis cut are beautiful, but they are also heavy.   It took a lot of muscle to get them up there.

 And now for the cross beam.

 Notice how tightly the beams fit in the joints.  Very nice work.

 This nail goes into the top of the two posts.

 All you need to do is drill a pilot hole and then climb up and sit on the beam and pound in the nail.

You can see why Tim plays the drums.

 One down, one to go.

The dish soap is used to lubricate the drill bit.  (I learn something new every day.  I love it)

 When you are finished with your work, you clean up the mess, especially if you are a skilled craftsman who pays attention to the details, as Tim does.

Next week, it's time to open up the roof.  We are putting in a request for no thunderstorms or rain.  

Reinforcements will be arriving from Montana to help finish the project.

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isthereanymorepie said...

That's the biggest nail I've ever seen! Wow--the porch looks great.