Friday, June 14, 2013

Whoo Hoo! YES! Totally awesome!

The nurse called with my blood test results this morning.  As you know I have been working to reduce my cholesterol and blood pressure for the past six months.
After some research  I decided the best to use the DASH diet recommended by the American Heart Association.   It has turned out to be a good choice.

Dec. 2012 to June 2013:
LDL - the bad stuff went from 144 to 126  
HDL - the good stuff  from 48 to 57
Total - is now 204

LDL Cholesterol LDL-Cholesterol Category
Less than 100 Optimal
100 - 129 Near optimal/above optimal
130 - 159 Borderline high

HDL Cholesterol HDL-Cholesterol Category
60 and above High; Optimal; associated with lower risk
Less than 40 in men and less than 50 in women Low; considered a risk factor for heart disease

Total Cholesterol Category
Less than 200 Desirable
200 - 239 Mildly High
240 and above High

And one more thing - I lost another pound today.  I will be continuing with my new healthy eating plan.

How are your numbers?  Do you know them?


Julie said...

WAY TO GO! That's so great! Seriously! My total was 197 (HDL 57, LDL 125). I lift a glass of red wine to ya! Cheers!

isthereanymorepie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's not easy to do!