Sunday, June 9, 2013

Take a Seat at the Table Fundraiser

 This post is for a woman who I admire greatly, Mandolin Ann.

Local artists painted chairs to be auctioned at the event
 For the past three days I have been helping Mandolin Ann with the preparations for the  NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Far North banquet and fundraiser.  

Ann has worked tirelessly for this organization, and in 2009 she set up the first CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) Academy in Idaho.  The CIT Academy is a 40 hour training for law enforcement about mental illnesses and how to recognize them.   It takes hundreds of hours to setup one of these trainings and she has done many of them.  She has also stayed with it even when everyone else jumped ship and cancelled at the last minute.  

It is true that she did not do it alone.  There were many others involved, but as with most things, there is always a core group of dedicated people who keep the wheel turning.  NAMI Far North is one of those.

NAMI Far North consists of a small group of people who did an unbelievable amount of work for the fundraiser. 

Local businesses donated dozens of items for the silent auction.


All of the chairs were donated to be auctioned off at the event.

I want to share photos of some of the very creative chairs painted by local artists and also several of the school art classes.

This paper mache' was created by the Lake Pend Oreille High School art class.

My small role was to take a 4' flowering plant and make it look like a 12" centerpiece without spending a lot of money.  We had 36 to create.   

Ann talking over the final details. 

To top it all off, Ann volunteered to bid on a chair at the auction for me.  It's not one of the painted chairs, although there were many of them I would have liked to have bought.  

It's an antique so it was not painted.  It actually almost matches my dining chairs. My chairs do not have the filigree at the top, but the woodwork on the arms and legs match. 

 the seat would need to be reupholstered in a blue fabric.

This afternoon Mandolin Ann will be at our Cougar Creek Band practice after having raised thousands of dollars for NAMI Far North last evening!  
What an amazing woman Mandolin Ann is! 

Thank you, Ann! 

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Julie said...

So many very cool chairs and things! Very, very cool!! Way to go Ann (and her support team)!!