Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Retired Mountain Man has been doing a scientific study the past couple of weeks.  He is very good at them.  Our friend Joe brought him a couple of strips of bark that contained Cedar Borers.  Jon identified them as Semanotus Ligneus, which was confirmed by a USFS Entomologist.

Cedar Borer

 A couple of weeks later he opened the container with the six unopened pupal cases and lo and behold two wasp types had hatched out of two of the cases.  They had bored small round holes out of the cases.

You can clearly see where the holes are in the cases.

Also in the container were two small, desiccated  bugs that he assumed were the victims of the wasps. 

After considerable amount of time on the internet Retired Mountain Man has  decided that they must be Orussidae but after looking a dozens and dozens of pictures he could find nothing quite like them. (orange abdomen)

He has sent the photos off to the entomologist once again to find out -   from what he has read it appears that the Orussidae are rare. 

I will let you know what he finds out.

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