Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What does thirty days of positive thinking do for you?

Did you set a goal or make a New Year's Day resolution?  

Today is the end of my thirty day goal of positive thinking.  I set that goal to help me stay motivated to continue eating healthy so that I can reduce my cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

My Goal: Lower my cholesterol and blood pressure
LDL: Below 100
HDL:  Near 60
Triglycerides:  Below 150
Blood Pressure:  120/80
Deadline:  June 12, 2014 (Sub-deadlines:  Blood test to check levels  -  June, 12, 2013  and Dec. 12, 2013)

My new 30 day goal is to lose 4 lbs.  My plan to meet that goal is to exercise, follow the DASH Diet plan, stay positive and chart my progress.

I have been on the DASH Diet 14-day action plan and finish it today.  I believe the positive thinking goal helped me stay on track.  It also helped me to be more positive about other things, such as practicing my piano and guitar and not getting too stressed out about our performances at the cafe and Mardi Gras.

This is one of Retired Mountain Man's dahlias. It has nothing to do with my goal except that just looking at it makes me feel good.   It is so beautiful!


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