Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yesterday was the day for the mobilization and deployment of the Cougar Creek Band to play at the gig at the Hope Marketplace Cafe.  I say that because of the amount of organization it requires to set up for a gig (5 microphones plus stands, plus music stands, plus cables, two speakers, the mixer, the bass amp, the keyboard and accessories, chairs, rugs and last, but not least, the instruments). 

At this time of the year we only have ten band members, trombone, sax, trumpet, accordion, bass, drum, guitar, two mandolins and a keyboard.  We toss in a harmonica and washboard now and then.  It only takes two pickups and one Outback to move all of the necessary equipment to a gig and we have TWO gigs this weekend.   The setup and the take-down takes about an hour each.

Setting up at the cafe.
We played last night to a "standing room only" house.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a second line up and dancing on many of the songs.  The place was rockin'.

That gig is over and we have moved to our staging area at Mandolin Ann and Bass Man, Neil's house to setup for the Mardi Gras celebration on Sunday. 

Let the good times roll!

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