Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Red Dot Warning.

Photo - Martin McNeese
While on our cruise vacation we saw a comedian who told jokes about how men and women differ when they get angry.  His take was that men get angry, they blow up, and then they are done with it and get on with life.  Women, on the other hand, get angry and hold it in.  The anger begins as a small red dot that slowly builds up and works it's way up from the neck to the middle of the forehead. It then explodes!  The explosion goes on and on and on.  Kind of like a volcanic eruption. 

The three ladies could not resist using the "Red Dot" line for the rest of our time on the cruise.  We pointed to our foreheads every time our husbands made some stupid remark that got them into trouble and said "Red Dot!  Red Dot!"   Amazingly, it seemed to happen frequently on the cruise.

One of the men would say something really dumb like, "I don't want to get my picture taken on formal night, do you?"  or   "I really don't feel like dancing right now."

"Red dot warning!  Red dot warning!"  we would exclaim as we pointed to our foreheads.

The photo is courtesy of  OKC Martin, who was a frequent recipient of the "Red Dot Warning" from his wife Martha.  (I hope you are finally out of the doghouse Martin.)

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