Friday, September 28, 2012

The guy with "skills" returns.

I have been busy pulling out garden crops that are finished for the year and canning the first batch of salsa and the last batch of green beans.  I am down to the final stages of the garden with only the sweet corn, carrots and tomatoes left to harvest.

Yesterday I had one small crisis in the middle of making my salsa, my food processor stopped working.  I have had the same problem before and actually bought a new attachment bowl thinking that the old one was defective.  Retired Mountain Man saved the day and solved the problem.

It turns out that when the handle on the bowl is attached, it would not connect far enough into the base to start the motor.  He solved the problem by inserting a very small wooden "dowel"  into the base.  It now works perfectly!

Remember, he is one of those "guy guys"!  One of those guys who if you are lost in the forest can build you a shopping mall with a matchstick and a knife.  One of those guys with "skills".  Yes indeed.

The results at the end of the day.  Ten pints of salsa and ten pints of green beans.

Back to the garden today.  


Julie said...

Hooray... He saved the salsa! Nothing bad can happen to hinder the bringer of salsa! Your salsa rocks my world, Connie!
Thanks for passing on the SKILLS (genes and training) to my guy!

isthereanymorepie said...

Banjo Man would have electrocuted himself. And then I would have had to make salsa out of *him*.

Julie said...

Well... that little jolt is just part of the process, see. I have definately seen some interesting skill "steps". There is also a group of choice/bleeped "magic" words used during the process of "poking dowels" at our house. In the end, though, the hero prevails!

RBnorth said...

Yes, the "skills steps" are a process. Some of which can be quite shocking!
I think Banjo Man could do it. Just think, your own shopping mall.