Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jalapeno, Chili, Sweet Banana, Hot Yellow Wax, Serrano.......Arizona 59, Oklahoma State 38? What kind of score is that?

Pepper harvest.  I am watching football and harvesting garden veggies.  That's what I do in the fall.
 Day One.

 On Day Two I was more ambitious.

I made some Cowboy Candy.  Yikes!  In my taste test my Jalapenos were hot!

RTM's dahlias are in their glory.

Some of the other flowers are showing off their best color.

On another note, I took a long shot with my football picks and it turns out Arizona beat Oklahoma State.  It puts me in the lead in the football pool today.  I should have bought a lottery ticket the day I made my picks.  I don't expect my lucky streak to hold out during the NFL games today, but winning is sweet even if it's only temporary.

I just wish I could have watched the game.  It must have been very interesting with a score of  59 to 38.  That's what is wrong with the TV industry.  They make you pay a lot of money and give you 200 channels of garbage programming along with a million commercials to poison our minds.

I'd better get back to my garden. 

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