Sunday, January 15, 2017

We've been waiting for our January thaw for quite some time.

On Friday cousin Adam came up to shovel the snow off of our roof.   There was a lot of snow up there and we are getting ready for the "river of moisture" headed our way this week.  It is forecast to rain for three days.  We learned a couple of nifty tricks from him.  One, if your gloves aren't keeping your hands warm enough, put on a pair of latex/nitrile gloves first.  Your other gloves will slip on over them.

 Yes, it really does work.

Oops.  I almost forgot.  Two, use ice melt on the ice that had formed on the roof.  It will help it to slide off when the temp gets above freezing.  Thanks Adam!

Next we headed out for our walk to the county road and the newspaper boxes.

It looks nice with all of the sunshine, but it's bitter cold and there's no dawdling on the walk, except to stop to take photos.

We had a visitor during the night to our bird feeder.  I heard her walking on the deck and got up at 3:30 to watch her eat what was left of the sunflower seeds.    She was back today looking for more.

Unfortunately, this cannot become a habit.  We do not want deer hanging around the yard or on the deck.   They will just cause a really big problem in the spring when all of my plants start coming up.

This is our Christmas tree stuck in the pile of snow from the roof.

One last photo of the cat and mouse before they disappear.

The sky changes from blue to pink this time of the year.

Yes, you're cute.

And finally, a little humor from the Farside.  It seems appropriate with the current political climate.
  Thanks Mr. Larson.

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