Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two years in the making.

I have been drying flowers for two years.  My goal was to create a wreath of the flowers from Sarah and Dylan's wedding.  There were dozens of red and yellow roses and Baby's Breath and lilies.  The problem was that only some of the flowers dried well enough to use. 

I had to regroup and start drying other flowers to add to the wreath.  Some were from the beautiful bouquets sent to me while I was recovering from my hip replacement.  I also used lavender, oregano, thyme and Lady's Mantle from my garden.

I tried drying the lilies using silica in the microwave.  It does work well for drying zinnias and even dahlias, but the lilies just didn't keep their color.   Most of the other flowers dried quite fast just by hanging them up for a week or so.

It's a matter of collecting and drying enough to make the wreath.

I call this the yellow one.
Dylan and Sarah's wedding flowers

When I was finished, I had enough dried flowers to make another wreath.  This one is my seashore wreath, even though the idea of adding sand dollars didn't really work.....

The only other wreaths that I have made were done several years ago - the red one, which included the dried zinnias from my garden.....
JP and Melissa, wedding colors

....and the blue one.  
David and Julie's wedding flowers
I also made two more Christmas wreaths and a centerpiece, but I forgot to take photos....darn it.

The temp is zero again today.

I hope you are staying warm!  There are only  ???? days until Spring.  (Sorry, I'm too lazy to find out how many)

The good news is:  I have three  - count them  - three, cherry tomatoes ripening on my tomato plant.

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