Sunday, December 18, 2016

How about a hamster?

The Polar Express is moving a bit eastward so it's warming up here and starting to snow.  It looks like our forecast is for at least another twelve inches in the next few days.  Oh boy!  The ramp for the sled run for New Year's Eve should be impressive.

I have been busy baking Christmas treats, cookies and scones and Divinity is next on the list.  I usually listen to my favorite Christmas music while I am baking goodies and wrapping gifts, but my stereo receiver quit working and I am waiting for my new one to arrive.  I am really missing listening to my favorite Christmas tunes.  Come on UPS and get it here!  Christmas is almost upon us!

Thank you, Mr. Larson.

What's your favorite Christmas treat?  Sugar cookies? Peanut Brittle?  Fudge?  How about Fruit Cake?
What?  You don't care for gerbils?

Divinity with some finely chopped pecans.   Yes!

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