Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things we said today....

nope,  it should be "things we did today".

Raked leaves, but mine didn't look this nice.  They are really wet and not pretty and not fun to rake.  "Ew"

Washed my deck and stairsteps with a bleach solution to clean off the moldy slime....  "Ew"  again, and my deck still doesn't look this good, but it's done.

I am finished with my projects for today so it's time for some fun which for me is to either play my guitar or the keyboards.  It's hard to decide which one to practice on.  How lucky can one get to have so many choices.

 The Epi, is a loaner....and it's really fun to play.

The J45, Paul's guitar....
(as in Paul McCartney)
Well, he played one.
At least once.

or the Parker sounds pretty good too.

Then there's the keyboards....

but I'm working on a Beatles song, "Things We Said Today".  They wrote a lot of really great songs.

Just in case you don't remember it.

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