Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Onward to the next holiday season and celebration.

Time seems to move from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season without anyone hardly taking a breath.  At least it seems that way to me.   We no longer allow ourselves enough time to sit back and enjoy Thanksgiving and reflect on what we should be thankful for.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday.  Hordes of people crashing through stores......Really? Yes, really.  It's not for me.  

Retired Mountain Man and I had an unusual Thanksgiving to say the least.  We were fortunate to be driving home from his hospital stay on Thanksgiving Day.   We left home on the previous Sunday for his heart surgery, which was scheduled as only an overnight stay in the hospital.  There was a complication though and he went from his surgery to the Critical Care Unit for three days.  It was quite scary and stressful and an experience I do not want to go through again.  I can assure you that he feels the same.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with David and family.  Retired Mountain Man is resting and recuperating.  We are very thankful that his procedure was successful even with the complications. We were so fortunate that our friend Shana, who is a doctor at Kootenai Health, was there for us and helped us get through it all.

Julie did a lot of the cooking and preparation for our dinner and we had a very special day.  David spent the weekend doing all of the chores we can't do since there will be no heavy lifting, etc. for three weeks.   We had lots of phones calls and emails from family and friends and enjoyed talking to them all.    Thank you everyone.

As you can see from the photos, we do not have any snow on the ground yet. There's a small amount up on on the mountain, but not much.   The forecasters keep saying that we are in for a lot of snow this winter so maybe it's all going to dump on us at once?  I don't know about you, but I need snow to get into the Christmas spirit.

Later today I am heading outside to cut some boughs to make Christmas Wreathes and centerpieces.  My friend Ann and I have always made the wreathes together.  We cut loads of boughs and move them into my basement on tarps and then spend one or two days creating the wreathes.  We have Christmas music playing and drink hot chocolate or tea and eat Christmas treats as we work.   This year we volunteered to hold a wreathe making class at the community center so that we can share the experience.

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and aren't too stressed out trying to get ready for the next holiday.  It's time for me to start searching through all of my closets looking for those Christmas decorations that I need.  They must be in there somewhere.  Maybe behind the boxes on the right?  No, maybe I put them in the other closet?  I might have donated them to the thrift store last year.......

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