Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Believe it's Bigfoot

I have a few photos of the Bigfoot search at this year's Oyster Party.  The grape arbor was transformed into Bigfoot's Den.

Bystanders watching the search....

And we're off on the search with our Bigfoot feet on!

Waiting for the Pinata.

Nolan pulled the correct string on the first pull.  The rest of the kids were a little disappointed, but it was great for Nolan who was having his 5th birthday party the next day.

All of the kidlets on the stairway.  What a great group of kids. Some of the group have already grown up, finished college and others are just off to college.  It doesn't seem possible.  Thank heavens there are some little guys like Quinn.

I am including some photos of Retired Mountain Man's insect project.  He put this lovely guy in the insectary yesterday.  We will have a beautiful butterfly in the spring.

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