Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wildlife on the mountain in July

Retired Mountain Man has been taking care of his babies.  He has a lot of them.  He has been refilling two feeders every day for a month.  They are almost out of food in this video.  Yes, the humming that you hear is the roar of hummingbird wings.  We wake up to that every morning.  What could be better than that.  (Sorry about the extra noise in the background)

We have had some beautiful days on the mountain this summer.

The hollyhocks must be about twelve feet in the air!

A bouquet of Black-eyed Susans.

A baby came to visit and checks out the hose and the sprinkler.

Day Lily Perfection!

 Mr. bunny came to eat some clover.

A little video from Trav's game camera.  It will make your day.  You can view it better on in full screen mode.

I don't know who this is, but I wish she would clean my house instead of weeding my flower bed.

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