Monday, March 14, 2016

How to survive March.

First, get a steroid injection for your hip pain.  That has worked great so far.  The pain has been eliminated and/or seriously reduced thanks to a very skillful radiologist at Bonner General Health, Dr. Charles Maile.

We bought more fish for our aquarium.   Three Angel Fish and two Clown Loaches, (Botia macracantha).   The Clown Loaches are a lot of fun to watch.  They are very busy little guys and move very quickly.   I did not have any luck snapping a photo of them.  

These two are veil-tailed angel fish.

I have transplanted all of my geraniums and pansies and also the Red Robin Tomatoes.  The Red Robins are starting to bloom.  

The weather outside is frightful.....

I have one tiny primrose blooming.  The deer haven't found it.  It's shivering in the snowstorm.

And finally, a disaster has happened.  Notice anything missing?

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