Monday, March 7, 2016

The best alarm clock you can find.

No, it's not one of these.
It would be one of these.  We've always had a very friendly squirrel on the east side of our house.  He has been visiting our bird feeder on the deck rail for a couple of months.    His chatter begins shortly after daylight.  Since our dog, Maggie sleeps in the bedroom with us, it's very irritating to her as squirrels are one of the animals she would love to catch.

About a week ago Retired Mountain Man noticed that the squirrel had left a mushroom in the bird feeder.  It appeared to be one that he had stored for the winter.  RMM would take the mushroom out of the feeder every day and the squirrel would put it back.

He decided that the squirrel was trying to attract a female with the mushroom.   In a few days he was certain that was the case as the squirrel then added two quinces from our quince bush to the bird feeder.

The fruit and the mushroom really didn't look all that attractive to me, but they must have looked like roses and diamonds to the female squirrel because she showed up a couple of days ago.

As for the alarm clock, we have two of them now.  They both start chattering as soon as the sun is up.  (No, I'd better say as soon as it's daylight.)  There's not much sun around here lately.  We are in the rainy season and have a "river" of moisture headed our way on Wed. and Thurs.

I love hearing the squirrels in the morning.  It's a great way to wake up for the day.  It's much better than, beep, beep, beep, or even worse, waking up to the blaring sound of some horrible song on the radio.   What has happened to all of the good music?  Well, my opinion on that will be in another blog post.  In the meantime, the squirrel chatter  is music to my ears.

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